Friday, April 2, 2010

Alright Pollen

Ok, Pollen, we need to have a talk. It's me or you. One of us has to go. And since I have four little boys who count on me to fulfill their every whim physical, emotional and otherwise needs I need to be around. Just sayin'.

I know you have an important function too. Flowers and bees and honey and all that. Yes, you are, sadly necessary. Yet, let me explain to you what you are doing to me.

Every time I take the boys out to play I come in with red, watery itchy eyes, a sore throat, stuffy slash runny nose which is becoming quite irritated what with the the blowing and the wiping and all. Basically, a general feeling of grossness.

As if that is not enough I currently can't breathe through my nose and despite trying various allergy medicines I still can't breathe. I'm pretty sure after taking Zyrtec last night, Sudafed this afternoon, and Benadryl thirty minutes ago I should be able to get some air through my nose. Maybe not.

And, the real sticking point here is my kids. Mark is sniffling and stuffy, Ben's eczema is acting up. For real, it's one thing to mess with me but leave my babies alone.

So, it's you or me. Get out of town or figure out how to cook a meal,potty train a three year old and deal with back talk.


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