Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jumping to Today

For just a second, I have to post something that happened today. Mark and Eric woke up extra crabby, which is saying a lot this week. I dragged them to the grocery store. Then Sams. At Sams I knew something was wrong when my 2 oldest boys wouldn't eat their pizza OR drink soda! So I told them we must go to the doctor. I had to put up groceries first and on the way home from Sams all but Zack fell asleep. They all stayed asleep. Eric had spiked a fever and Mark had a lower one, but still. Sick kids. When my kids won't eat pizza and take a nap I know it's bad. I called my friend, and cancelled our plans to go to the pool, and every now and then I'd hear Mark thrashing around on the couch. I assumed he was hurting and went to check on him. He said to me, with his eyes closed "I'm NOT SICK, I'm MAD that you cancelled the pool!!"

Such a mean mother am I who will not take her children to the pool with fevers and sore throats. Sheesh what's wrong with me?

PS Doctor says it's strep. Hello Zythromax. Which despite smelling nice and strawberry banana-y tastes bitter & nasty with a side of sugar. Yeah, I totally tasted it when they made the face after they took it. After I told them it would taste good.

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Kathy said...

I remember getting mad at my mom because I could not go on the field trip due to mumps. If not for mumps I would have been an Olympian I am sure.

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