Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go Cart Race

Mark would like to invite everyone over for a Go Kart Race. Tickets (!) are 10 dollars each and can be purchased on the day of the event. The date and time are TBA because 1. We have no Go Karts and 2. We need bleachers! And lunch is included so we have to cook plenty of food to be sure we have enough. We'll need snacks too because it's an all day event. Mark's not really worried about the logistics of not having Go Karts or bleachers because he is relying on his parents to get cracking on that soon. Now would be good. So far they aren't really getting started though.

Mark plans things. An idea is sparked (this time from checkered flags he saw in the Oriental Trading Post flyer.) He takes this idea and expands it until Kevin and I just shake our heads. I can see this serving him very well in the future and it's fun, when he's not volunteering Kevin to build Go Karts and bleachers and me preparing lunch for countless people. I've tried a few times to get him to scale this down, to make it something we can pull off. (My best thought is maybe have some friends over with their radio controlled cars & do a little race and then maybe watch the movie Cars? Snacks and juice boxes?) He is not deterred, though. He simply says "It's okay mom. I know it will take a few days to get it all together. "

A few days? Uh huh.


Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

OMG, so funny! My boys do this... they host baseball tournaments in my tiny backyard. They set up all the chairs and make invitations and pull out hot dogs from the freezer, which I am supposed to cook. They even get a high school girl around the corner who sings opera to come over and sing the National Anthem.

So cute! But um... Go Karts. Hmmm. Maybe Cozy Coupes?

Crisa said...

How funny! I like the remote cars idea though. Oh and I'd be hidding the party magazines if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! Maybe cardboard box go-carts? I like the chairs instead of bleachers... I hope you have a really good lunch for $10! ;)

Lisa L. said...

Do you know Melinda's daughter Caroline. She is the same way. DO NOT EVER get them together. I would be afraid of what they dreamed up together (think the World's Fair, but larger). :)

Rebecca said...

I have met Caroline. I didn't realize she was a planner, but that is very interesting to know. I'll make sure to keep them apart when we visit GA :)

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