Friday, December 5, 2008

When You Can't Walk, Write

Okay, I exaggerate, I can walk but it hurts. Apparently I have a stress fracture and am being sent to a podiatrist. Such fun!

It's less than 3 weeks til Christmas, I have basically not started my shopping and walking hurts. Niiiice. Anyway, don't know how I hurt my foot, but clearly it is hurt.

So today I've sat around a fair bit and wrote a bit for Deep South Moms. It's still hard to think about that day, but I have been wanting to write more about it for a while now. Go check it out!


Astarte said...

Ouch!!!! I had one of those in high school. Did he give you a walking cast or anything?

Rebecca said...

No... he gave me an RX for Darvocet and told me to go to a podiatrist. I do that on Monday...

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