Friday, December 19, 2008


I've been trying recently to do a little better in some homemaking areas. We recently got a wheat grinder attachment to my kitchenaid mixer, also the pasta attachment. Just because it sounds cool to make your own pasta and stuff.

My first few attempts at totally homemade were learning experiences. That's the positive spin. The reality is my first try at bread was a total flop. My first attempt making pasta, a dismal failure. So, trying not to just say forget the whole thing & give it all up, I tried making flour tortillas. Half fresh ground wheat flour, half regular flour, rolled the dough myself, and cooked them and they were edible! Whew! Excited about finally having success, I tried this recipe last night.

This is just the spaetzle after being cooked, but before adding the cheese & cooked onions. It was so good! If you want to make these I will tell you the batter started out way too thin, so I added a full cup of flour (1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 all purpose) and it worked better. The dough was still too sticky to go through the pasta extruder, but I pushed it through my potatoe ricer to make the noodles.

So, two successes, and I plan to try bread and the pasta maker again very soon....

Also, I'm working toward getting my house ORGANIZED so that cleanliness will be easier... I'll be posting more on that later I'm sure.

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Astarte said...

You go, pasta girl.

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