Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day was really great. Hectic, but great. Slightly stressful because Ben was on a "Mine" rampage declaring everything he saw his. It was quite ridiculous and irritating. Once he took a nap life was better! Who took my baaaaaaaaaaby and gave me this almost 2 year old? I'm just kidding of course, I love this age! Although I could live without the tantrums and the screaming.

I took the few days after Christmas to relax. I've partially reclaimed the house, but I still have work to do. Christmas is messy! Once I get that done it's time to start packing. And packing. And packing. Generally, my going on vacation philosophy is to pack minimally. Granted, travelling with four kids even minimal packing produces a.lot.of.crap. My theory is, there's a Target or a Walmart everywhere. There are washing machines at people's houses if I need them and if we're in a hotel there are laundromats. For this trip my typicala packing methods won't suffice. I have to remember everything. I have to have enough clothes for 6 people for 7 days (not forgetting extras for messes). Enough diapers for Ben for 7 days. Enough STUFF to get us through. There won't be a Target, and although I'm sure the cruise ship will have a place to buy forgotten items, I likely won't be up for paying the price. So, I must remember everything. One week from today we are setting sail! I'm soooo excited! Seven days of no cooking, cleaning or other household work. I just can't wait!!!

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