Thursday, December 18, 2008


Life is pretty crazy this time of year even without things like hurt feet and projects that should take hours that end up taking days. I finally got the neice and nephew gifts mailed though. They aren't perfectly crafted, but I think they are cute.

Just popping on real quick while I eat lunch... pierogies...mmm... They had them at Sams. Pasta! Potatoes! Cheese! LOW FAT!! I had to laugh... Your selling me on the fact that these are low fat, but talk about carb overload. Yes, I bought them anyway and yes they are delicious (ahem, and low fat!)

Anyway, I went back to the podiatrist and he said the joint just has a little arthritis and gave me some orthotics to put in my shoes. This is sort of a nightmare given that I usually wear cute little sandal type shoes and go barefoot a lot of the time at home. Apparently no longer as my feet need the extra support. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes, but I will play along because I don't want this situation to get worse. Otherwise, my pain is almost completely gone. YAY.

There is only 1! more day of school until Christmas Winter Vacation and I am thinking of ways to stay sane. I've lacked patience lately (that's putting it mildly) and I need to obtain some somewhere. Quickly!

Anyway, writing has been somewhat difficult lately. Not sure if it's just the time crunch of the holidays, or my general funk I've been in, but I hope to be back soon posting daily and in a better mood. :)

In the meantime I have a zillion chores to do and my pierogies are eaten, so I'm off!

7 days til Christmas!!! Are you ready?


Astarte said...

I have arthritis in my feet somewhat, too, and the past few years of having all hardwood floors has made it so I pretty much have to wear slippers all the time. I use flip-flops for slippers, not the thong kind but the more substantial kind that you slide your foot into and actually get some support. They're easy to kick off when I sit down, and don't make my feet too hot. I'm a barefoot girl, too, so it stinks. You'll probably still be able to do cute sandals in the summer, just when you're home slip on something else.

I'm almost completely ready for Xmas. DH and I just have a little more wrapping to do, and I have to make those darn carseat covers!!!

Anonymous said...

I am almost ready- still a ton of wrapping to do, and finish up a project or two, and some cooking, but the shopping is D-O-N-E. Yay!

Sorry you are having foot problems. My mom has to wear orthotics, and she has found some sandals that work really well. They aren't all cute with bows, more like a sporty type sandal, but cuter than a sneaker!

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