Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Lately, I've become obsessed with making bread. One of our New Years Goals is to plan ahead better, and not rush to the store because we have forgotten something.  Mostly, this is to save money, but it helps me manage my time too, because I'm not running to the store for "a few things" almost every day. But I digress...


For a lot of years I had a major fear of yeast. Mostly because I was notorious for failure in the bread department.  I'm getting a little better through trial and error.  I even made rye bread* (and ground the rye flour ourselves even) and we had reubens on it Sunday night.  I still am really struggling with the heavier, whole grain flours, but I think I might have the white bread down.  (Thanks to a good recipe. Well, I think it's good, it hasn't baked yet, but boy oh boy, it is rising. The pizza stone is preheating and I'm looking forward to french dip subs on these rolls tonight! 

Now, I can move back on to the whole grains, because it is important to me that our breads are healthy, as well as yummy.  My actual goal through all of this is to not have to buy bread for sandwiches at the store anymore. I've made progress, but I'm definitely not there yet.

*  Incidentally, I think I might be allergic to rye.  When I ground the flour I immediately started stuffing up. Later, when I ate it my throat got itchy and I still am stuffy a few days later. I'm hoping it's a coincidence because I really like rye bread.  And we have an awful lot of it left!

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