Thursday, January 27, 2011


For quite some time I have been meaning to get back into the blogging stuff.  More than a random post once a week or less. Somehow, it has been difficult getting back into that groove. I don't know.  Today begins a renewed effort. We'll see how it goes.

I don't have a coherent post planned, so this will likely be some sort of mish mash stream of consciousness type of post... so it might not make sense, or have a point.


I have a question.  How often a day week do you sweep your floors?  I have to do it  Both in the kitchen and the family room.  Sometimes I feel like I should even do it twice a day (and often do if we play with moon dough, or when Ben decides to dump his plate when he's done with it.)  When I sweep, I don't mean I have a dust pan 1/4 full of dust and debris. I'm talking three to four dustpans full.  So I am left to wonder... are we just horrifically messy (and by we I  mean the boys) or do I have unrealistic expectations on how long my floor should stay clean-ish. Feel free to discuss!

Secondly, the aforementioned moon dough. I sort of despise it because it gets crumbled up and ends up all over the floor, leading to excessive sweeping.  And it gets wasted because of ending up in the floor. Because unless I have JUST swept there is dirt and junk down there.  Yet I persist to let them play with it and even find myself buying more because they love it. I don't even make sense to myself sometimes.  In my defense,  it can entertain Ben for over an hour. The others love it too... 

There were more things I wanted to write, but somehow they got lost in the shuffle of everything else going on in my head... so more later. Maybe sooner than a week away!

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