Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes Procrastination Works in My Favor

On Wednesday on the way out the door, I placed Zachary's glasses on his face and the lens promptly popped out.  I picked it up, and realized quickly that the screw was missing so I sent him on to school without them. He made me promise to bring them after I got them fixed, and I agreed. 

In the optometrist office, the lady told me I should bring him in after school to get them readjusted because they were pretty warped... no surprise there.  I made a mental note, and when they all got home I just decided to wait til a different day since the sun was out for the first time all week, and the kids wanted to plaaaay.

On Thursday, when Zachary came home from school, his glasses looked like they had been sat on, sat on, something... Pretty bent out of shape! I was pretty pleased I had waited a day to go in for the adjustment. 

Now, if only he hadn't misplaced them he could have worn them to school today. I have a feeling I'll find them somewhere really interesting when I clean up in a bit.

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