Friday, February 18, 2011


I always wonder when I'm supposed to have certain conversations with my boys... you know the ones.  How babies are born and such.  But I don't think they are quite ready for the talks about *that word* that starts with s and ends with ex.  Maybe I'm just naive They are too small. 

However, certain conversations tend to bring up these questions about babies being born.  Today, on the way home from school we were talking about their middle names.  Then that morphed into a discussion on last names and why we all have the same one. 

As our conversations tend to do, we bounced around a bit and talked about how babies who are adopted get to have the last names of the parents who get to take them home. We talked about our friends in Georgia who are adoptive parents.  They asked why someone might give their baby to another family to raise and I explained  how some people feel like they aren't able to give a child all they need. 

As often happens, the discussion took a surprising turn and Eric asked if you could decide NOT to have a baby or if "it just happened naturally" and I answered (with heart palpitations with fear of follow up questions) that you could decide whether or not to have a baby.  I'm all about being very, very VAGUE.  Then Mark asked "Mommy, HOW do you not have a baby." I took a deep breath and wondered how I could avoid this question or hold it off to a later date, when Eric said "WHAT Mark? Do you think Mom is a DOCTOR?" 

I still crack up at this question.  Fortunately (maybe,) no further questions were asked about babies or the prevention thereof.  Whew!


Anonymous said...

You would not believe all the conversations we have had like this!! With the whole adoption/birth thing, it seems to come up a lot, esp. the hows and how nots! I try to keep it simple, I just say there is medicine that you can take if you don't want to have a baby (also avoiding the s word), and some people forget or the medicine dosen't work for some reason. FUN conversations!! :)

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

My 8-year old asked the other day (in the car too) "How does the baby get IN there?" Because the 5-year old was also in the car, and I didn't want to get into it all with her, I sweated bullets for a few seconds and then said:


Bullet dodged. For now.

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