Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A FL Must See

If you are ever in the Tampa area and have time for a day trip, you have to go see Stump Pass Beach. It's about two hours from our house, but with beautiful weather, and boys in need of some hiking to get their energy out, it was a lovely Saturday. 

On the way, we stopped by the TECO Manatee Viewing Area, which is another favorite spot (and about an hour from us.)  The manatees are great to see, and there are also many other creatures there. Rays, sharks, fish galore come to the warm waters in the winter time. 

The picture in my blog header is the boys at this same spot a few years ago. My how they've grown!
You almost forget you are at a power plant, except for these "cloud makers" as Ben called them.
We arrived at Stump Pass beach and started on our hike!  I can't believe our boys were big enough to make it the entire 1.3 miles and back!  We took our time and stopped along the way to play, but it was a long way for small legs. The boys spent a fair bit of time throwing shells in the water and it was reminiscent of our Georgia days when a favorite weekend activity was going on a hike and throwing rocks in the water.  Some things never change.

I love this picture!  The waves, the boys!  Just spectacular!

We had to mark the trail with sticks along the way.  Zachary was even writing "NO" in the sand at certain spots to make sure other hikers didn't go the wrong way!

We found many shells along the way, as well as sharks teeth.  All in all the day couldn't be more amazing!  A much needed day away from our norm. Thank goodness for beautiful FL weather in February!

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