Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Project

The assignments formerly known as book reports are now apparently book "projects."  What's the difference, you may ask?  I'm not sure other than my children take great delight in correcting me when I use the term book report. "It's a book project mom."  *Insert 7/8 year old eye roll.*

This particular book project was over a president (Abraham Lincoln) and was declared done. When I looked it over I noticed a certain peculiarity in the answers.

"What was the most important thing this president did for our country?"  He freed the slaves.

"If you could ask this president a question, what would it be?"  How he freed the slaves.

Then there was another question that I can't remember and he answered with something about freeing the slaves. 

When I made him erase two of the three and think of different answers for each there was much attitude.  It got done, however.. he didn't put a whole lot of detail into it, but I keep reminding myself it is 2nd grade. 

This project also required a visual aid, and where his written work lacked originality, I thought he had a great idea to make a log cabin out of lincoln logs was pretty great.  Only, we didn't have enough lincoln logs to build a great cabin, and I worried even if I acquired them the thing would fall apart on the way to school.  After a quick internet search*  I found an idea for a log cabin with frosting, pretzels and a milk carton.  Awesome!  I never managed to get a milk carton, but we made due and Mark turned out a fabulous log cabin!  I was pretty proud of him!

*How did moms DO it before the internet?  Google is my best friend!

The cabin made it to school, but they devoured it on the way home.  Apparently it was quite tasty!

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