Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for my boys even if they are gross

You all know how thankful I am for my little family.  Every day it hits me how big they are getting and how someday things are going to be... not easier.. but different. Less physical work, more letting go and keeping them out of trouble. I kind of break into hives thinking about it (the letting go part.)  Nonetheless, I am so fortunate to have four good kids, who love me and I adore even when they drive me crazy. Even when, halfway through Thanksgiving Dinner, one of them announces that Ear Wax is Gross.  When questioned how he knows this, he says, "Well, I tasted it one time. Because I put my finger in my ear, and then I picked my nose. Then I put my finger..."

I interrupted it with a resounding "NOT AT THE DINNER TABLE!!" even though I couldn't help letting a small giggle escape. 

He finished by saying "it tasted really bad, Mom." Then continued to eat his turkey, pleased that I was sufficiently grossed out.


1 comment:

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

Haha! I guess he can isolate the earwax taste from the booger taste.

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