Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Mornings are crazy around here. Some moreso than others.

This morning I was getting the boys glasses ready for school and I couldn't fine Mark's. We were running late and I told him I'd bring them if I found them. A little while after I quit looking, I spotted the case. I opened it to check if they were there. And they were, only it was Zachary's glasses in the case. Which meant... that I had put Mark's glasses onto Zack's face. Go ahead, roll your eyes at me.

Their prescriptions aren't very big, but Mark is near sighted and Zack is far sighted. So I was on my way to school to sort it all out, when I called my friend that drove the boys today, and she told me they realized it in the car and gave them to Mark. Thankfully, I made that call because the only thing more embarrassing than going to the school to deliver one pair of glasses and swap them out for the right ones, would be to explain the whole scenario and find that I had been incorrect. Sign me up for the crazy mommy club.

After all of that I decided Zack could make it through the day without his glasses. Are we sure it isn't Monday?

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