Monday, November 15, 2010

Silencing the Control Freak

There's this girl who lives inside me. I try to deny her existence and hold her back. She wants to do it all. She jumps in too quickly to help her kids. She doesn't like messes. She is kind of a control freak. So I repress her as much as humanly possible.

That girl is right now screaming to come out. Tonight, Mark wanted to make brownies and that girl tried to say no, but daddy jumped in and said he could do it IF he could do it on his own and IF he cleaned up his mess. Which should be fine. He's pretty good about following the directions and stuff. But it is so hard to It's messy, he had trouble finding stuff and for goodness sake it's been an hour and I just want to jump in and finish it for him.

So I'm quieting inner control freak girl by taking my laptop into the front of the house and ignoring the nagging feeling that I should be taking over helping him. Deep breath in/deep breath out. Let him succeed.

Oh! They just went in the oven...

*Ok, this sounds slightly multiple personality-ish. There's only one of me, and I don't hear voices... please don't be concerned.

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