Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still Juggling

I think all the balls are still in the air... although I loved Shanna's comment that she likes to choose which balls fall... I'm pondering that one. Because does it really matter if one wears a hat on hat day? As a third grade friend of ours pointed out "not EVERYONE has to wear a hat!! DUH!" (LOVE that duh is still around. It's adorable... right up until one of my kids says it to me... then beware the wrath of a Mommy scorned.)

Anyway... I ramble... but I've held it together alright this week. We've worn red, we've worn hats, we've sent treats, and chocolate, and movie themed items. We've hosted playgroup, and tomorrow we are set to do a brunch (although minimal effort was set forth apart from getting the house company worthy.) Bottom line is I'm almost through the busy part and can now gear up to enjoy the fun.

I can't wait for the character parade on Friday. The idea is to dress up the kids as a book character and bring the book along. I (as well as many other parents) send the kids in their Halloween Costume and find a book to go along with it. Do you know that there are kids books about almost everything. Eric's a ninja (Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas), Mark is a Taco - and this one is a stretch because in the book we are sending the taco isn't a character, per se, but it does talk about making tacos... so I'm going with it. Zack's a Ghost and we have a book with a ghost. Done. (And we have multiple other book/costume options should anyone have qualms about it at the last minute. It could happen!)

So, anyway, I'm clearly (still) rambling at this point, and don't really have a point or a neat little ending for this post other than bring on the fun!!! The work is nearly done!

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