Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh it's just funny!

It's really good that I can laugh at myself because, frankly, I've been laughing a lot lately. And if I weren't laughing I might be crying...

This week was deemed Doctor Appointment Week for everyone except for Ben. I called in late August for well visits (horribly late for all three boys) and they couldn't get me in until now. So, typical of myself, I wrote the appointment down, threw out the paper on which it was written, and vaguely remembered the dates and relied upon the reminder call for the exact details.

I would SWEAR the call said 10:30, so I showed up with 3 boys (2 with appointments, one along for the ride) and waited. And waited, and waited, and... well you get the idea. So, we waited. Waiting with Mark is not much fun as he gets bored. When he's bored he gets surly and mouthy and, alternately wild.

So, I got rather annoyed at all the waiting, but was patient because my pediatrician is fantastic and worth the wait. It's worth the wait. Plus, things happen and everyone has a bad day.

I'm so glad I didn't complain. You don't even know! Because when the doctor walked in she said, "Did you know your appointment was at 11?" I just laughed so hard because how on earth did I do it. She was right too, because as soon as she said that the information all came rushing back to me, that one day was 11, and the other was 10. I really have no clue where I got 10:30.

Forward to day 2 and Zachary's well visit. I arrived on time with 2 children, and was fairly promplty seen. Zack was asked to provide a urine sample and he did. And this falls under the category of only ME, but while I was waiting for the doctor to come back in, Ben poured Zack's pee down the sink.

Also, both Zack and Mark failed their eye check, so we get to go to the optometrist next. It seems I've passed on my bad eyes to (potentially) three of my children already.

So, I laugh, because what on earth else do I do?

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