Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Notable (to me at least)

The last weeks of school are killing me. I am done with homework, and drop offs and pickups and more drop offs and pick ups. I long for the freedom of summer and unstructured fun. The reality of this is going to be so much more difficult than the dream, but for now... I long for summer. I know, I'm crazy!

For today I just want to note some random observations I've made of late... just some boring stuff to most... but to me it is the joy that keeps me running. Fun boy stuff!

Zack ran in from the patio yesterday and said "HEY mom!! I saw the neighbor WOMing the lawn!" Not all that notable. He transposed the M and the W from Mowing. NOTABLE that when Eric was the same age (ish) he made the same mistake. Interesting to me, that when Eric was almost 5, Zack was actually about 18 months old. No one has said that any time recently. It was a blast from the past. *Just a note, Eric also used to say WOP the floor. I wonder why.

Ben ran down the road today again. Thankfully this time he was clothed. The Schwann's guy was here and he just took off. And I chased after him barefoot. I've been running (though not fast) for exercise, but barefoot I was no match for my speedy little guy. When he does that it's a mixture of total irritation and the total hilarity of me trying to catch him with no success. Finally I managed a serious enough voice that he stopped and came to me. Thankfully!

Today I was on Facebook and clicked a link to a Glee video of the cast doing "Can't Touch This" in the library. I don't watch Glee (although it looks awesome!) but it was a funny little video. At some point Eric came up behind me and said "Mommy, that doesn't look like appropriate library behavior." It was literally all I could do not to laugh. I didn't, because clearly my boy is quite serious. I agreed with him, what else could I do?

Mark continues to challenge and amaze me. The more I do, the more he wants and is dissatisfied. But when we aren't struggling, and he isn't grumbling, he can be the sweetest most thoughtful boy of all. Such opposing actions, and I just want to tell him (and do) that I love him no matter what, he doesn't have to be "cool" for me, and that even though he's the second born he's every bit as important as his older brother. That just because he's not the baby doesn't make him any less important to me. I can tell him, I just wish I could make him KNOW that.

This post is scattered, I know. I'll blame the coming full moon. Because I've learned to blame many things on that. I never really believed in the whole full moon causing strange behavior in humans thing before. I do now though. Mostly because every time my kids behavior gets really out of whack I discover that it will soon be the Full Moon. (What are they, werewolves?) I looked, and the full moon is Thursday. So if anyone you know is acting totally crazy, that is why. You're welcome.

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The Empress said...

I cannot wait for summer home with my boys either.

I can smell it in the air.

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