Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bumps & Bruises

We must have been quite a sight as we all walked into Sams today. Zack with a bruise on his cheek, and Mark with a fat lip.

On Tuesday, Zack fell off his tricycle. Eric bumped into him and he toppled right over. Instant bruise, and a LARGE one too. The neighbor girl decided they would go beat up the road, and Zack loved it. Instant tear drying right there. He stomped around saying "That had to hurt!"

Today, the boys were zooming through the house in spite of my warnings to settle down (I may as well save my breath) and he tripped and knocked his face right into the little table our fish tank sits on. We had a scary moment where he had a bad headache, and I raced him to the walk in clinic, but he is fine, just like his brother. no serious injury. Just one heck of a fat lip. (Seriously! I'll take a picture if it's still swollen tomorrow! Crazy!)

So, we were quite the happy family shopping for our groceries this afternoon. In spite of the fact that two of them looked like they had gotten into a fist fight.

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Astarte said...

Oh, no! What is it with that kind of thing?! They never seem to fall just once, it's like it has to come in groups. Sheesh. I'm glad they - and you - are OK.

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