Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Ever...?

I have tons to do this week to get my house clean and get ready to go meet my baby niece who may or may not be born today (now 2 weeks past due, but just maybe is finally ready!) But I sat down for just a minute to rest and I came to my blog and saw a cute picture of Zack on the "You May Also Like" posts, so I clicked it. I completely melted reading it, almost crying it was so cute. Not what I wrote, but the essence of my child that was captured within the words. So, I clicked a few more links about different kids with the same results.

So, I ask you, do you ever read YOUR older posts? Look back a year or more to reflect where you were? What were the issues of the day back then? How did it all turn out and what did you learn during that time? I'm feeling sentimental today, I guess, but if I had all day I could definitely keep clicking.

It reminds me that blogging is not a waste of time. It is my very own memory book. What I lack in scrap books I make up for in stories of what my kids do and say on a regular basis. Pretty much priceless if you ask me.

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Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

YES! I love that add on! The ONLY time I ever go back and read my archives is when something catches my eye at the end of one of my posts.

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