Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the sign on my forehead says...

.... SUCKER!

That's right. Totally and completely let Mark con me into keeping him home from school today.

I knew he was okay to go to school, deep down I really did, but he pulled out all the punches and appealed to my nemesis, Mommy Guilt.. and in the end despite all rational thought I let him stay in the car as we dropped Eric (who developed a sudden headache as we approached the drop off point... yet I made him go to school because I wasn't driving through the carpool line and leaving with ALL of my children.)

Anyway, the fact of the matter is Mark WAS sick over the weekend and stayed home legitimately yesterday. Maybe I spoiled him a little too much so he wanted to stay again today. All I know is he was almost in tears, saying he felt horrible, even though he'd been playing fine all morning.

I told myself it was okay to let him sucker me this way. Besides, he'd hardly eaten anything in the past few days, maybe he was just still feeling weak from that. Maybe this, maybe that, Mommy Guilt, and, and, and... It was all swirling around in my head and I just agreed to let him stay.

The boy is fiiiine. Relaxing, planning his next major event (he wants to make a club and have a picnic. I shouldn't worry though, he'll arrange it ALL.) So, the main question here is did he dupe me or did I do it to myself?

** Sorry for the horrible run on sentences in this post. I know they are there but too tired to fix it.

*** Please send every healthy no more puking thoughts to my house. We are planning to go to Disney World this weekend (my parents are in Orlando this weekend) and sick kids would kind of wreck that. Thanks :)

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