Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cry Baby

Zack and Ben have the same conversation every day in the car pick up line at Eric and Mark's school. It goes a little something like this, though often the roles are reversed.

Z: Baby Cry Baby
B: You think I'm cryin'?
Z: You cryin' a hundred times now!"
B: Be quiet Zack.*

Always the same words. Often, they'll go through the dialogue, only to repeat it immediately with the speakers changing places. It's almost like a skit they are performing. Or, I guess rehearsing due to the repetitiveness involved.

It has evolved from something much more annoying...

Z: Baby Cry Baby
B: Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, MOMMMMMMMMYYYYY, Zack called me a baby cry baby. **

I pretty much ignore this whole interaction since it occurs so many times in the 20 minutes we sit in the car line.*** I try to read my book and feign disinterest, only intervening when it escalates into full fledged screaming or saying things I don't approve of (see footnotes.)

* Ok fine, usually it's Shut UP Zack, which is totally NOT okay with me. When I hear that going on I'll interject a "boys we don't talk like that, use nice words please." Which let me tell you, that is just stupid because it does absolutely nothing.
** I'm a really bad person and find it increasingly hard not to say "Well, you ARE crying aren't you?" Luckily this new version, as I said, is more of a comedy act than a true sibling altercation so most of the time there is no actual crying involved.
*** I have to admit that if this had been the older boys I would have been much more inclined to try to figure out exactly how exactly to stop this atrocious behavior. Now, I just want to read my book people, and at least they are talking to each other.

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