Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I don't have time to go into all the details about our weekend (go figure!) but here are the highlights from Disney Saturday.

1. At the fireworks show Zack said "So that's why it's the Magic Kingdom! It's magical!" My heart almost burst out of my chest and I smiled so hard my face hurt.

2. Ben running up to a height chart to see if he was tall enough to go on the Barnstorm roller coaster and proudly proclaiming "I TALL ENOUGH." My dad told me later, that he was tall enough to begin with, but just to make sure he went up on his tip toes. :) He loved the ride too. No fear in that boy!

3. Mark was so tired when we got there, and really throughout the evening, and yet he did not complain, and did not get grumpy. That's my kind of magic!

4. Eric being so excited about everything. He was also enthralled by the fireworks (well, we all were) the rides, the food. He loved every bit of it!

5. The lines were so short! The longest we waited for anything was 30 minutes. Average was about 15 minutes or less. Amazing! We also seemed to have great luck/timing as we happened to walk to a great place to view the fireworks and later happened to have the same luck as the parade was starting.

Truly an amazing and wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Aww... we love that place! It really is magical! Glad you had fun, and there are some really, really cute expressions in the pictures you posted! Makes me want to see you guys again!

Rebecca said...

I want to see you guys too! Let's make a plan! :)

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