Friday, January 30, 2009

Sometimes Maddening... But Mostly Funny

I've been wracking my brain lately. The boys seemingly have fewer and fewer and fewer clothes, pairs of socks, undies. Now, I do laundry Usually two loads a day. The rules of our house entail children putting their dirty laundry in a hamper, preferably the downstairs hamper, OR the washing machine (in the event that it is empty) on a daily basis. If you are a parent you surely know how often this rule is followed. Rarely. Several times a week I send them upstairs to collect alllllll of their dirties and bring them to me.. I even let them "throw them overboard" from upstairs to down as an added incentive to actually do it. Despite all of this we still have this problem of where the heck are all of their clothes. I have no pants, I have no underwear, and I want to pull my hair out because I just washed it! Eric's cubscout tee shirt... missing. We have three school tee shirts to wear on Fridays (only two kids going to school SURELY out of three we can come up with two, right?) and this morning we could only find one. It's been driving me insane.

This morning while I was hunting for socks, Mark says "Hey momma, there's clothes in the cooler!" (This probably requires the explanation that much of our camping gear is stored in Mark's closet) I looked at him funny. "I couldn't find my hamper so I've been putting it in the cooler instead."

This explains SO much!!!

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Astarte said...

Hahahahahaha!!!!! Nice, fresh, pre-worn clothes for lunch! Whee!

How like a boy is THAT?!

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