Monday, January 12, 2009

Favorite Pics

I can't believe he is really this big. Eric went snorkeling with daddy and he was so brave! He also enjoyed seeing the "millions of fish!"

Zack with his cousin Sydney. They had a great time playing, running and jumping all week long.

My happy photogenic guy in Belize, before the butterfly place (pictured above.)

Kevin and his brother Brian are 13 months apart just like Eric and Mark are. I hope that when the boys are in their 30s they will be as good of friends as Kevin and his older brother are. I know it wasn't always that way, so I have hope that it will be so.

This was in Guatamala, I went in a little toooo close for the closeup, but I just love this sweet little face.
I love how content Mark looks in this picture. Not the extremes I often see, just quiet contentment.
Isn't this the coolest playground?
Such a happy little baby!
Sleeping at the beach in Costa Maya.
Kevin took all the kids for a ride one by one on this boat. They had so much fun.

Just a few favorites!

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