Tuesday, January 13, 2009


... I know my vacation story is long overdue. I want to tell it but that darn laundry. It's almost finished but I have so much to do still that writing is taking a back seat. Darn the chores!

However, I just overheard the funniest thing that is probably only funny to me, but so many of my favorite parenting moments are things I overhear.

Eric, Mark and Zack are playing a game they got for Christmas. Ben is blissfully sleeping. I think Zack is a bit young for this game in the sense that his attention span is short and his ability to follow directions is lacking. So, they are playing nicely more or less (at this moment meaning noone is screaming at anyone else) and I hear Mark say in his nicest big brother voice, "Hey Zackie, why don't you go play over there, by yourself, where you don't have to have rules!"

Zack didn't bite, but I thought it was a good try to get the pesky little bro out of the way without making anyone cry.

Now I'm back to folding laundry... sigh.


Astarte said...

Ha! That was such a polite way of saying, GO AWAY!!!!! Very nice!

I'm folding this morning myself. and washing. and folding more. If I'm really good, I'll put away, which to me is the worst part.

TheVillamorFamily said...

glad to see you made it home and everyone is playing nice;) that was a nice way of saying "go away!"

good luck with that laundry!

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