Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Everyone Was Safe

I tried to play it cool. After all, I only confessed to a few close friends (and anyone who might still read this poor, neglected blog) that I was feeling more than a little anxious about Kevin's trip to North Carolina.  First things first, 5 days all on my own with the boys had me worried.  They've been a little extra crazy lately, and while I can totally handle it, it's always nice at the end of the day to have an extra set of hands - and someone to talk to. 

Anyway, Kevin and his friend Anthony headed North on Wednesday afternoon with a promise that they would be safe.  I just had that nagging feeling that probably meant nothing, but it was enough to freak me out. The closer the race got, the less freaked out I was, and more excited that they were there and getting to hang out with some cool people and have a really awesome adventure. 

I watched (via internet tracking devices) them get started and sort of obsessively followed them in between my other daily stuff on Friday. I noticed they kind of stalled out in one spot, and started to get concerned, but it was time to gather kids from school, so I headed out. Then I got the call. A bolt on the rudder had snapped in half (OMG!) and they were looking for a place to try to fix it. Random people that lived on shore let them borrow tools, but the effort was to no avail, and eventually they had to drop out of the race. 

I am so very glad that they are safe. My worry shifted to one that Kevin would be so irritated and done with the whole thing. Luckily, that didn't happen and he is still excited to get ready for the Everglades Challenge in March, 2012 (just as soon as the boat gets all fixed up.) Thankfully for me, that's far enough away that I don't have to start getting anxious about it yet.

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