Thursday, October 20, 2011

Observations from the 3rd Grade Field Trip

Yesterday, Mark's class went to see Jigsaw Jones at the Wesley Chapel Performing Arts Center, and I got to tag along. It was super fun!

I did come to an understanding that school buses are LOUD places.  Even well behaved children all talking at the same time can cause quite a ruckus. School bus drivers should be nominated for sainthood, because there is no way on earth I could drive under those conditions.

Teachers should also be nominated for sainthood because...well... they just should. We all know the reasons teachers are amazing, but seriously, on field trip day, it is totally amplified. All those buzzing boys and girls, excited for a break from the norm.  Managing to get there and back with the right number of kids is a feat in itself. 

I should explain that the kids were so well behaved! The day went off without a hitch, and zero issues in our class.  It just reminds me how much I love and appreciate the people who teach and care for my kiddos every day.

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