Friday, October 14, 2011

The Flock Has Arrived

Our school is in the middle of a super fun fundraiser.  Instead of spending too much money on stuff we don't want so the school can get a dollar off of ever ten (I don't know if that is the right math, but you know how I feel about this stuff,) we are doing a Flamingo Fundraiser. It's simple. You pay ten bucks to put flamingos in your friend's yard, and if the flock shows up in your yard, you pay ten dollars to send them somewhere else. If you don't want the flamingos to return you can buy "Flamingo Insurance." It is kind of the most fun idea I've heard of in a while.  It's cute to see the flash of hot pink as we drive around the neighborhood, and the thought of various PTA members sneakily moving the birds around is hilarious to me.

Yesterday I came home from my class, and there were no flamingos, I sat down to do some homework, and when I left to gather kiddos from school, the flock had arrived to our yard. The kids were so happy to see them when they got home from school.

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