Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It never fails that just as soon as I think I have it all together, I realize all the little things I'm missing.

Take yesterday morning for example...  Everyone was ready for school.  Teeth brushed - check, shoes on - check, jackets ready - check, glasses on faces - check.  Only when we were ready to walk out the door, Zack's were no longer on his face. Hmmm.  After a quick look around they were nowhere to be found, but we had to go. Three minutes ago!  So he was off to school with no glasses, and I set out to look for them which was an utter and complete failure.  I continued my hunt this morning and still can't find them. There are a finite number of places they could be and I'm pretty sure I've searched all of them. My house isn't even overly cluttered at the moment, so it is a mystery.   What in the world?  I'm sure they'll turn up in some ridiculous and hilarious place.  I just hope they'll be in one piece.


Anonymous said...

oh- I hate that! Stuff like that will drive me crazy and I obsess until I rip the whole house apart! I hope you find them quickly!!

Rebecca said...

I did find them! And I did obsess. They were in a little pile of toys and clothes in the floor in Mark's room. OY At least they were safe!!

PS I need to tell you about a story Eric wrote at school! I think you will like it!

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