Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be Careful What You Ask For

For a few weeks, our nightly sleep was interrupted multiple times by some kid or another wanting to get in bed with us.  I love snuggling with my kids, but when it comes down to one kid coming in, then another, then an argument over WHO can stay and who has to go back to bed, it was getting ridiculous.  I was totally exhausted and impatient... also... grumpy.  One night before bed Kevin gave the two little culprits a talking to.  "You WILL stay in your bed all night. You will NOT come down and bother Mommy.  Understood?" (In his best firm daddy voice, of course.) 

Imagine my surprise when it WORKED. For that entire night, I slept. No kicks to the ribs, no whispers in my ear, or pulling of my hair. I simply slept.  I was half amused and half irritated that it worked so well.  (Irritated because I had sweetly requested the boys stay in their own beds for several nights in a row, and Daddy asks once and like magic it works.)  So, I was interested to see how night two would go.  Again, they stayed in their beds. However.. somewhere around 2 AM we heard a blood curdling scream.  Enough to jolt both Kevin and I from our bed and send us racing up the stairs. "SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!! I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED HELP!!"  My heart was pounding and I was terrified about what I would find in little Ben's room. Surely he had hurt himself horrendously to be screaming so loudly.  When I ran in and found him sitting in his bed, upset, but not hurt I was so relieved.  Turns out, his eczema was bothering him and he needed some lotion to stop the itching. But, he did stay in his bed at least. I think I'd have rather have had a knock on the door than all that drama, though. 

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Anonymous said...

haha! Classic! You could try my trick. I tell them if they need something, they can come in, but DADDY will be the one helping them. Mommy needs a night of sleep, so DADDY will get up and help them.

Never once has one woken up on Daddy's night! :)

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