Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Holiday Weight Loss Plan

1. Get sick after several days of caring for sick children.

2. Become so stuffed up that you can't smell or taste food. (Last night I was making dinner & chopping cilantro, and I couldn't smell it at all, so I tasted a piece.  It tasted like nothing.  So, I checked the label and it WAS cilantro, but I made Kevin taste it because it had no flavor whatsoever. Or, rather I couldn't taste it at all.  So, really?  Why bother?)

3. Become so stuffed up that eating creates an inability to breathe.

4. Cough so hard that your entire stomach is sore! Who needs to do crunches?  Cough your way to flat abs!
See, isn't that easy?  Not eating really takes off those holiday pounds!  Even though I had gained a few in November/ December I'm right back where I was pre-Holiday eat fest. Which is nice since I haven't been able to exercise since my kayak incident.  My foot was feeling better from that, and then as I was getting the Christmas ham out of the freezer, the Publix bag it was in broke and it fell on the same foot. Really, I think this stuff only happens to me.  So, as soon as I thought maybe I might be ready to run again, I came down with this raging (according to the doctor, I'm not just being a total baby here) sinus infection.  Also, there is fluid in my ears!  Fun, right?  But, antibiotics are a wonderful thing!  And, of course, we have to look on the bright side.

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