Thursday, December 23, 2010

Over My Shoulder

Something I have to watch out for now is boys reading over my shoulder.  I keep the blog family friendly, but often I don't necessarily want them to read what I write about them.  Because sometimes I feel overwhelmed and spill that here, but they don't need to know that necessarily.  Anyway... they've developed a habit of reading over my shoulder.

Most recently, Eric commented on the fact that I don't indent my paragraphs. It's been  a long time since I've taken a course in grammar but I'm pretty sure a blank line is sufficient to denote a new paragraph.  Also, my smart oldest commented on my propensity to begin sentences with "and."  I do that...  I have no excuses.  It's my blog and I'll abuse grammar rules if I want to. :) Stop reading over my shoulder!

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