Friday, May 24, 2013


Funny how things change but still they stay the same.  Ben is 6 now and finishing up his first year of kindy. HOW is my tiny baby boy about to be a first grader? And do you remember when he was tiny and driving me crazy with the climbing and escaping and getting into things?  I clicked a random link in my blog just now and ran across this post . He was tenacious! He would do anything to get what he wanted... and he still is the same. A little daredevil who got one of his only "yellows" in school this year for running up the slide and jumping off of the play structure. The poor teacher was so worried about a broken arm (and he mostly got in trouble for NOT stopping when told to stop.) He has no fear which may serve him well in life if he can survive long enough to temper it a little. He's learning to take no for an answer a little better. Often it involves some stomping and begging for me to change my mind, but less often will he out and out defy me and do it anyway. It's a process.

His teacher told me recently."Ben has so much energy! But he has the sweetest most caring heart." It made me tear up because it's true. So often I see it. He has so much love and compassion in that little wild heart of his.  It means so much to know that others see it too!

                                                Ben May 23, 2013 Splash Day at school.

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