Thursday, May 16, 2013

So it's been a while

Looking at my last post I can't believe it was December that I was last here. Haven't blogged, haven't read blogs.  I have pretty much spent most of the last 5 months buried under books and trying to keep things in some semblance of order. 

But I finished my first year of nursing school!  I survived! And while school is so very challenging I really do love the part about becoming a nurse at the end.  Just one more year.

There is SO much to catch up on, but I never have been very good at catching up. I'm more a pick up in the here and now sort.  I'm enjoying the time off while the kids are still in school. I'm working on getting things orderly and keeping up with the chores.  I'm also trying to think of the things that I really miss from before I went back to school and writing is on the list. 

Reading that last post way back from December makes me giggle, because we've tried riding bikes to school a few times since then. Usually with similar results. Someone falls, someone bleeds.  The big kids end up getting aggravated so I tell them to go on ahead. Then they still want to do it again. There was an incident when I FORGOT we had biked to school and drove and just almost got in the pick up line. Thankfully at the last second, I remembered, went and parked the car (illegally) and met them at the place where bikers get released.  I explained the situation, and two of my guys decided to hitch a ride with me, putting bike and scooter in the back of the van. The other two rode home on bikes without me. This last time, things went well though. No falls, no whines, no need for the bandaids I stashed in the wasteband of my yoga pants. Then on the way home, my bike got a flat and I got to walk the bulk of the way home.

In spite of it all, do you know what the guys ask me most mornings now that I'm done with school?  "MOM! Can we bike to school today?"  This week has been full of morning appointments and such for me, but tomorrow, I might just say yes.

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