Friday, August 5, 2011

Life With BIG Boys

On the topic of my kids are entirely too big:

Today, Eric and Mark made a "pile of stupid creatures" that they deemed ridiculous for us to still own and told me they needed to be sent to charity.  Ben then proceeded to vehemently disagree with this decree, by removing all of the stuffed animals from the bags in which they were enclosed.  So much for purging. I have to admit the thought of less stuff upstairs was appealing for a small moment.

Used to, we'd assign Eric and Mark the task of unloading the dishwasher.  Now when I tell the two of them to do this job, Eric says "I got it Mom. I don't need help."  They really are good helpers now when they want to be.  I just have to find the right motivation. 

Even the small ones are showing signs of growing up. Zack  has lost two teeth, and Ben is really excited about starting Pre K in two weeks. (Oh, I'm ready.. but I'm still not sure how that happened!)

Life with big boys is interesting! It's challenging in all new ways.  Easier in some, harder in others.

Some days, my biggest challenge is just to let go that little bit.  I am fiercely protective, and  yet, I sense that at 8 and 9, Eric and Mark are kind of ready to do things like play out front without me (gulp.)  Obviously, there are parameters.  They know not to leave the cul de sac (thank GOODNESS for the cul de sac!!)  Now the trick is explaining to Zack and Ben why they are stuck with Mom, or on the patio to play. 

We will get down the whole big kid routine, I am certain. Then things will change again, and we will adjust again.   For now, I'm thoroughly enjoying watching them grow.  Let's just not talk about Eric starting 4th grade in a few weeks. 

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