Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Here and Now

Realizing, that I never posted about the second half of our vacation... the part where we went to Oklahoma and visited the fam... I have to move on.  Even though there is so much else I've meant to sit down and write about, the current situation dictates I bypass it all and tell you what is happening right this very moment. With a well meaning, but probably not very likely promise I'll get to all that other stuff added in.

Right now, Kevin is at a second sleep study to see if a CPAP machine will help his sleep issues, and hopefully, maybe end the scary nighttime episodes where he bolts upright, gasping for air, leaving me to wonder if I need to call 9-1-1.  It doesn't happen often, but often enough to where he finally went to the doctor about it.  After years of gentle suggestion by yours truly... but I digress.

Tonight... my children, who go to bed relatively easily on most nights (probably because our summertime schedule is exhausting) had issues.  Tonight, Mark wondered if he could stay up and keep me company. The answer is, "No, Mommy is very tired and wants to relax and be alone." Translated into "No, Mommy is very tired and wants to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey that she has recorded since Daddy is way above such trivial nonsensical television viewing."    Zachary's comforter was in Mark's room downstairs, so I tried to pull off a switch-a-roo and put a crocheted blanket his Auntie Sarah had given him when he was born to cover him.  He was NOT amused and cried "But, Mommy, it has holes in it!"  So I threw a sheet on him and said I'd bring up his comforter.  Ben, he sobbed, because "I want a sheet that isn't cut!!"  Do you want to venture a guess into why his sheet might be cut?  Because he cut it with scissors. And yet, it warranted huge tears and breathless sobbing.  Make a note, that Eric had no issues, other than requesting an extra hug. He's so, so big and wonderful!

I have to make it very clear that none of this would have been an issue had Kevin been home.  Even though I always tuck them in, and it isn't like he is mean... so I just don't get it.

While I've been typing this, things have settled down, thankfully. I just hope I don't have any squirmy little visitors in my bed tonight to kick me in the ribs.  For now, though, I have a date with bad tv.

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