Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Almost Here

My thoughts regarding school ending/summer vacation are along these lines...

(In the mornings) Is school out yet? Why are they still getting homework? How is it that it is so hard to get out the door still? COME ON SUMMER!!!

(5 minutes after they arrive at school).... Ahhh sweet peace! I love school. Man, what am I going to do this summer?

(While trying to get from our morning errands/activities to get Zack fed and to preschool on time) Man I'm ready for summer. All this driving is for the birds! Can't wait to have some UNstructured time.

(Randomly) Summer is going to be a disaster. I must get a schedule together. We need STRUCTURE!

(At pick up time) Grumble grumble. No one else is still in school! Why do we go so late? Let's bring on the summer.

(5 minutes after they are all home) Maybe Florida will adopt year round schooling*...

It seems I change my mind on this topic about 17 times per day, or roughly once every waking hour. Consistency never really was my thing.

*kidding about that... I am totally a fan of the kids getting a break.

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Julie said...

Yesterday was my daughter's last day of school. She was so excited but also sad to leave her friends.

I am having mixed feelings. For one thing, she and I will get to spend more time together. On the other hand, she'll probably drive me crazy during the first week and I'll have to struggle to remain productive in my home office with all the interruptions for "Mommy, can you fix me a snack. Mommy, can...."

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