Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Goal: Remain patient, no matter how flustered I feel.
Fail: Lost my temper and yelled "What do I have to do to get you guys to be nice to each other!" on the way to school.

Bonus: (do we get bonuses in failure) I'm pretty sure the new neighbor (who happens to be the Nana of my awesome across the street neighbors) heard me yell at my kids.

Goal: To send a healthy lunch to school with the boys.
Fail: They would rather eat crappy cafeteria food. They complain about what I send (even though I put MUCH effort into sending a combination of healthy & fun things.) Today, Eric asked me to send a lunch and bought a cafeteria lunch instead. 2 bucks for a pb & j and milk. Because he found out they had strawberry jelly. I tried sending pb & j and they said they didn't want sandwiches.

Goal: To keep the stuff the school sends home organized and not piled up or scattered all over the dining room table.
Fail: I have a 5 inch tall pile on the dining room table to take to the school's recycle bin (only fair, right?) and another probably equal amount of papers scattered all over the table. What the hell am I going to do when I have double this amount of paperwork. Plus... another preschool fundraiser. AND another elementary school fundraiser. Can I cry now?

Goal: Cook a healthy dinner for my family.
Fail: I thawed out chicken but didn't really feel like cooking. The boys came home and reminded me it was Papa Johns night (wait, isn't that another fundraiser?) and I talked myself into ordering pizza. Only when I called the number it went to a voicemail. And not one that said anything at all about Papa Johns. Wierd. A while later someone called me back and said that their phones were down (dude, bad timing!) and were using employee cell phones to take calls. ONLY! They don't deliver to my neighborhood. Only the next neighborhood over. We are literally just out of the delivery area even though we are one mile from the school they are hosting the fundraising night for.

I can't even order pizza right. (I couldn't go get it. Well I could have. With four boys. That would have worked.) So I fed them corn dogs. Kevin and I will eat something. Later.

So, yeah, I might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed today.


Anonymous said...

Just. Breathe. Try to let it go... you are not a failure!! Everyone has moments/days/weeks/years like that, so don't beat yourself up too much!

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

Oh yes. I completely hear you. Fortunately there not all like this. Otherwise, seriously, I would need a NEW JOB.

Hang on. A better day is coming. (It's GOT to, right?)

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

And I'm completely unable to comment without a typo! THEY'RE not all like this, I mean.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, my friends! Some days all the little silly things (and really, most of those are all little silly things) just get me. Today will be better. Actually, today we are going to the pedi for 2 kids. It'll still be better I hope.

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