Monday, October 12, 2009


Have you gotten all ready for Halloween yet?

To be honest, I hadn't given it much thought until today. The boys have been telling me what they want to be and I've been telling them, "we'll think about it later. Right now I have to do x, y, or z. Today I found myself with some time to breathe, and started thinking and looking online for ideas.

At first Zack wanted to be a pirate. Score! We totally have a pirate costume. Only, now he wants to be a spider. No batman. No... a spider. I've been thinking and I *think* I can make a spider costume by dressing him all in black. His arms and legs can count as 4 legs, and I am thinking of sewing a big black circle and stuffing it. To that, I would attach 4 pairs of black tights stuffed with fiber fill. Then put it on him like a backpack. It all works in my mind, but we'll have to see how it all works out.

Eric wants to be a werewolf (which I didn't even know he knew what that WAS!) I've looked around a little online and most werewolf costumes are 1. too expensive and 2. have a big giant whole head mask which he won't be able to wear to his school character parade. I did find a really cute kiddie werewolf costume, but $30.00 is more than I want to spend.

Mark wanted to be a monster, and then a ghost (which I was already thinking of ways to spruce up the sheet over the head version), but now he wants to be a Power Ranger. *Insert eye roll here.* I will give him another day or two to see if he changes his mind. Maybe he'll agree to be Spider Man again, because his costume from last year would totally still fit.

While looking around the internet for other ideas I happened upon this adorable choochoo costume. I thought "oh how CUTE!!" and then x-ed out the page. But I couldn't stop thinking about it and I think Ben is going to be a choo choo. Okay, he definitely is since I already have all the cardboard cut out. I just lack one empty oatmeal container, and a little time painting. His will be different colors because I am using paint I already have, but I am excited to have this ready. Even though technically, I don't need a costume for Ben. I am excusing it by the fact that it is going to cost me almost no money.

How is your Halloween planning going? What are your kids going to be?


Shanna said...

I am right there too! For the last month, they all said they wanted to be the same thing as last year- score for me! But then this week, they are changing it up- Aidan wants to be a Spider! Crazy! How did they both think of it? My idea was just black pants, black shirt, 2 pairs of stuffed tights (2 legs on each side), just sew them straight onto the shirt, then do some sort of string to attach the extra legs to his arms.

But then he told me he wanted to be an Orange spider, with RED legs. Whatever, kid! No one will know what he is, but at least he will have what he wants, right?? Abigail now wants to be Tinkerbell, or a witch, or it has probably changed again.

UGH! I thought I was in the clear!

Rebecca said...

Wild that Zack and Aidan want to be the same thing. And ORANGE and RED that is sooo cool Shanna! And also, why do I always overcomplicate things. Sewing it right on to the shirt is perfect!! :)

WkSocMom said...

After the disasterous homemade hulk costumes last year I splurged on my kids. I usually wait until the last minute for my younger one, since he too changes his mind far it's been skeleton, ninja, and scooby-doo. Ninja seemed to crop up more than once so I went with that, although I've always loved those skeleton costumes. With the umpteen darth vader costumes out there, of course my other son wants to be darth maul - who is really creepy looking.

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