Monday, December 17, 2007

Tape please mom

Tape is a hot commodity around here lately. It is funny and perhaps a teensy bit frustrating. It goes something like this. "mom can we draw candy canes" Of course, I say sure. We get out the crayons and the paper. Then they need scissors to cut the candy canes. And then it's the tape. I currently have candy canes of various shapes, sizes and colors hanging ALL over the house. It really is quite fun though, because every time I see a hanging candy cane I think of how much fun they had creating them. I mentioned frustration though, and this is caused by when they decide they need tape, and then get it themselves. Leading to me needing tape and unable to find it. I think I have it under control now. :) Bought a big 6 pack of scotch tape at Sams over the weekend. I may never need tape again. Although, the boys must hang several things a day each, so I may in fact run out sooner than expected.

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