Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas was GREAT!!

The visit with my parents was fun, and Christmas was awesome. My boys were thrilled with their presents, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day.

Mark loves his camera! Yay Santa!!! Eric got a Solar System book & mobile that I think is his favorite gift. We, I mean, Santa got him a cars remote control car that I think will be fun for him once he uses it enough to get how it works. He runs it into walls a lot :) His other favorite thing is a Knex "bucket of buddies" set that he's using to create all sorts of creatures. That was actually Mark's gift from an auntie and uncle but Eric loves loves loves it! Zack's favorite thing is playing with the big boys toys but he does like his little ride on toy Santa brought (but not as much as I thought he would!) Ben got some jammies, some little soft shoes (like Robeez, but from Target) and a few various toys that he loves!

I was spoiled freaking rotten. From Kevin and the boys I got a beautiful necklace, a popcorn popper and popcorn (hehe LOVE the things the boys pick out for me!!!) My parents got US a chest freezer and a set of pots and pans (poor Kev, he's a good sport but I'm sure there are other things he'd rather have), his parents got me my food processor!!! I've wanted it for so LONG but never just got it! I love it!!!

Ok, I've rambled enough about material things... really my favorite part of Christmas was just hanging out with my family, watching the excitement and joy in my kids faces and just realizing exactly how lucky I am!

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