Thursday, July 10, 2014


Yesterday Zack got stung by a wasp.  We were at the pool and the kids were drying out at the playground before we left. He was literally walking to the van and just started flipping out a little bit. I knew some other kids had been stung recently so I put two and two together.  He calmed down but it was still hurting him and starting to welt up quite a bit when we got home. 

A while back Kevin bought an extractor thing for times like these and I actually had the good sense to find and use it to help my boy. The thing says for snake bites which I am oh so thankful we haven't experienced that (knock on wood!!!) But it works super great for things like fire ant, mosquito bites and wasp stings, apparently. 
I also put tea tree oil (mixed with coconut oil) on the site of the sting and sent him to take a bath. By the time he got back to me, his arm looked like this.  I've just recently started experimenting with essential oils, but so far I've had success. 

I'm really happy this didn't cause him any more pain and stress than it needed to. I've had wasp stings that hurt for hours and this one was invisible and pain free in a matter of minutes!

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