Friday, July 11, 2014


So there are things about me that I know. One. I hate when things break. Particularly when they are things that are expensive and important and SHOULD NOT break. Two. If something isn't how it should be I might be prone to jumping to the worst possible conclusion. Try as I might... Kevin's a little late from work I worry he's been in an accident (we're talking 10 minutes... crazy!) Today, when there was water in the floor I wiped it up.  When water appeared in the exact same spot a few minutes later I started to get a little panicky.  What causes water to mysteriously appear from beneath the floor?  Broken pipes that's what. Broken pipes that require calling plumbers and ripping up my pretty floor and oh my gosh how expensive is this going to be? Well. Homeowners insurance will cover it. What's our deductible? Pretty high, but I'll be working soon so that should be okay. How long is the warranty on our house? Would the builder maybe have to compensate for a repair like this?  See, after I freak out I go through this process of figuring out how it will all be okay.  Suddenly though, it occurred to me today that the ice maker was turned off when we got home from vacation. Water spot was right near the fridge and even though I turned the ice maker back ON it had never actually produced any ice.  In fact, I had heard the water run a few minutes ago and that is kind of odd even though it didn't occur to me at the time. Hmm. I wonder. I pulled the fridge out and there was water back there... promising although disturbing because standing water + electrical appliance = SCARY!! Then the ice maker ran water again and it leaked all over the floor.  Hallelujah! I turned that bad boy O-F-F and wiped up all the water one last time. Glad I didn't call the plumber quite yet!

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