Friday, July 9, 2010

Things That Happen On Vacation

There are a few things that happen every time I take a vacation that should be noted.

1. One or more (or all) of my kids get a wierd itchy rash. Okay, Ben almost always has a few itchy spot, but yes, his exzema did have a flare over the vaca. But, from the first time we traveled back to OK even way back when we lived in GA someone has gotten a rash. It's not as bad as those first few years. I don't know what causes it. Some say grass (but, we play outside and roll in the grass here too, and they don't do that), obviously they are allergic to something there. Which makes sense since I am allergic to Oklahoma as well.

2. At some point in the week or however long we are gone, I will hit the moment where I look longingly at every horizantal surface desperately wanting to just lay down and rest, but feeling totally guilty to go take a nap because I really want to visit with everyone. Sadly, even sitting down did not alway keep me up and I dozed off more times than I'd like to admit during the day.

3. Some child of mine will experience a moderate to severe regression in potty training. This year its Ben. We've gone from mostly accident free days to three or more peed pants a day. Enough to make me craaaaazy (er).

But, vacations are necessary and awesomely fun, so it's kind of worth all these things. As long as #3 resolves soon that is.

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