Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mystery Rashes

I just took my two little ones to Publix for a few things.  While Ben was getting out of the car I noticed some little pink dots on his feet and legs.  Now, it's not all that strange for Ben to get rashes. He has seriously sensitive skin.  But this rash was different that what I'd seen.  As Zack got out of the car, I saw the exact same spots.

My mind raced.  What on earth? Zack NEVER gets rashes.

I listed the possibilities. 

Allergy?  - Hadn't fed them anything unusual and they wouldn't have the exact same allergic reaction.

Virus?  - They probably wouldn't show up with the exact same symptoms at the exact same time. 

I grew more and more perplexed over this when suddenly I remembered.  They were pouring some strawberry banana juice earlier in the evening and spilled it all over. They cleaned it up as I asked them to. 

I got home and prescribed baths for both and sure enough, the mystery was solved.  Juice splash.  Thank goodness :)

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