Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Planning Phase

So far 2012 has brought us an amazing vacation, 4 cases of strep (boys), one case of hives (Eric) and one case of pneumonia (Kevin.)  Please, don't let the illness negate the wonderful nature of the vacation. It was awesome and pictures are on face book.  I will attempt to add them here in a later post. 

I'm also very busy with 7 hours this semester. A & P (and lab) and Nutrition. So far things are going well, but I'm studying a lot, and very nervous at the prospect of transition into a full time school load in August (assuming I get into the RN program.) LALALALALALA. I'm trying to take it one step at a time and not think about future stress. Today is enough.

I've become so far behind on blogging that it doesn't even bear attempting to catch up, so I'm jumping right in with what's on my mind right now. And that's freezer meals. I've done this in the past when I've had babies and such and it is a lifesaver!

There are some draw backs for the traditional freezer meals for our family.

1. Kevin is fairly picky, and has some big food NOs on his list. I can't blame him (much -ha ha!) because I suspect these are more like intolerances than just picky-isms. For instance certain textures are on his NO list.  Potatoes, beans, pasta if it's not very al dente. I just can't blame the guy for having texture issues, especially when I notice at least 2 of my kids have the very same issues. Heredity?  Probably.  Also, he gets severe heartburn and/ or acid reflux if he eats a lot of tomato based stuff.  So, spaghetti, lasagna, and any thing else that has a tomato based sauce is out out out. (SOB! I love Italian food. So, the boys and I eat spaghetti every time he's out of town on business!)

2. My time is limited, but I guess that's why I'm revisiting this concept in the first place. Tuesday nights I like to go to Zumba at 6 PM.  Well, that doesn't leave much time to get the kids home and homeworked AND get dinner on the table. Simply reheating or finishing a pre-prepared dinner would make this so much easier. Wednesday nights are a rush as well, with me leaving for A & P lab at 6:15 and not getting home until after 9. While Tuesday night is optional, Wednesday night is a must until the end of April. So, preparation is key. I guess this is less a hindrance to my freezer meal idea, and more of an argument to just go ahead and do it.

3. I am trying to count calories and lose some more weight, but after some googling I feel like this isn't as much of a set back as I had once thought.
So, since many of the pre arranged lists and menus are out for us (see items one and three) I need to sort through it, add it what we already eat (Hello Friday Taco Night!) and get my act together on a menu plan and perhaps THIS weekend get some meals together. It may not be a whole month's worth, but even if I can get a week ahead that's a start.

So this is the planning phase. I will do my best to link the sites I have found that are helpful, and list any recipes.

Maybe this will be a new start to revamp my sad, lonely blog as well.

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