Friday, April 15, 2011

Perhaps too much Food Network

We watch a lot of Food Network around here.  Now there is also the Cooking Channel, and we can't forget the travesty of a food show on the Travel Network.  Kevin enjoys them, I love most of them, and the kids have really enjoyed watching "cooking shows" since they were quite small.  However, sometimes I think it might be getting a bit out of hand.

Recently at dinner, we were having hamburgers, and Eric went into this little speech, "Each layer in this burger has it's moment.  First it's the soft bread, then the ketchup, then the crunchy pickles.  Then  you get to the melty cheese, and then the meat."  OK.. he sounded like Adam Richmond on Man Vs. Food and it freaked me out a little bit.  (For the record I Obesity epidemic much?  Lets go eat 5 pounds of heart attack inducing greasy *insert random extra large food* Ok, stepping off the soapbox now.) Disturbing comparisons aside, it was adorable!

We've been watching Iron Chef lately too, and the same kid made a comment, "Mom, don't be offended
but your food is TOTALLY not as good as the food on this show."  Yep, have to agree. The thing is my kids probably wouldn't EAT half of that food anyway. 

Maybe it's okay. Maybe I'm just raising a little foodie in the making.

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