Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well that was fast...

For the first time ever we have a deductible to go along with our health insurance.  There is no longer a no deductible option. Also, we get to pay a higher premium for it.  Woo hoo!  At any rate, it's a fairly low deductible and I still feel very fortunate to have health insurance and Kevin has a great job and all that, so I don't complain (much.) Anyway... the other day I was commenting how we haven't even been to the doctor yet this year!  In fact, March 2nd was the first time for Ben's four year appointment.  At that appointment we discussed getting him tested for food and environmental allergies due to his ongoing eczema.  I'm adding up dollar signs in my mind and thinking we are probably already half way to that deductible being met. Then I suspected I might have pinkeye, so I visited my doctor. (Nope, just allergies, and my sinuses are still completely inflamed... so keep using the Flonase.)  Next Zachary started showing signs of pinkeye, so I took him to Urgent Care on Sunday and he got put on eye meds and oral antibiotics. 

We won't get the bills until later, but I'm pretty sure we'll hit $750.00.  All in four little days.  That must be some sort of record!

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